Edinburgh Writers’ Club is a club for people who are passionate about writing, whether published or unpublished. The club has reason to be proud of its members, past and present. Our honorary president is Alanna Knight, Scottish novelist and biographer. Current members include Audrey Reimann, author of The Weeping Tree; Helen and Morna Mulgray, authors of a series of light-hearted crime novels; Margaret Forrester, children's author; Bob Adams, dramatist and novelist; and widely published poet, Norman Bissett. A number of members have had publishing successes and an increasing proportion are exploring self-publishing. For anyone looking to improve their writing and / or to break into publication, the club provides informed advice, support and encouragement.

Members of the club have won prizes over the years at the weekend seminar run by the Scottish Association of Writers, to which the club is affiliated. The SAW weekend, each spring, provides a great opportunity for writers from other clubs all over the country to meet, to attend seminars and meet with visiting speakers, publishers and agents.

You can learn more about the output of club members at Anne Stenhouse Graham's blog:


Anne is a former club president and a fine playwright and novelist.

Notable past members include:

  • Harriet Smart, Joyce Holms, Margaret McKinlay: novelists.
  • Suse Coon, editor of Lothian Life magazine, and also a prize winning children’s novelist.
  • Lari Don and Margaret McNeill: children's writers.
  • Maurice Fleming, for many years editor of the Scots Magazine
  • Malcolm Cant, local historian