Please note: competitions are open only to club members.

(Please ensure that you have read and understood the club's competition rules before submitting entries. Each competitor is limited to ONE entry per competition unless otherwise stated. Check individual competitions for details.)


Please note arrangements for the coming year's arrangements are below.

 Competitions 2020-2021








    26 October

   Helena Nelson

   23 November

   20 lines

   Max: two entries 


    November 2021

   Olga Wotjas

   January 2022

   First chapter: min 1200 words,

   max 1500 



     12 April 2021



   10 May 2021

   First chapters: max 2000 words



Competition Procedures for 2020-2021 


All competition entry fees will be waived for this coming year and submissions will be electronic.

Only members are eligible for entry to competitions. 

If you have attended a few meetings before the first competition and wish to enter it, you may become a member in order to enter – the sum of the £5 entry fees you have paid for attending meetings will be reduced from your membership fee which must be paid before your submission is accepted. 

Reflecting recent trends, we have reduced the number of competitions in the coming year. 

If you would like to enter our competitions, the process is as follows: 

  1. Create a Word doc or pdf of your document (please do not put your real name anywhere on this document, only a pseudonym) with the title in the header of every page (accessed by double-clicking the top of a document in Word)
  2. If you cannot create a Word document or a pdf, please paste your text into the body of an email and the Competition Secretary will create a Word document for you.
  3. Send this email to; the subject of the email should follow the format as follows:

Subject: Edinburgh Writers Club Submission – ‘Name of Competition’ by Author Name

  • Please also attach a Word doc or pdf which has your real name, your pseudonym, and the title of your document.
  • These should arrive by 5 pm on the date of the competition entry. 
Winners will be announced at the meeting indicated in the programme. 
The same process applies to the internal flash fiction entries - 250 words max




Competitions 2019-20

Competition Deadline Adjudicator Adjudication Date Format Winner
General Novel
2 December 2019
Noelle Harrison 20 January 2020
First 3 chapters (10-12k)  
Poetry 20 January 2020 Pippa Goldschmidt
17 February 2020

 Rosemary Hector

Short Story

2 March 2020
Dilys Rose
13 April 2020 2000 words
 Lorna Fraser
Short Story (young adult)

13 April 2020
Liz MacWhirter
11 May 2020

2000 words

Lindz MacLeod
Flash Fiction 13 April 2020 Members 13 April 2020

Theme: When I was Ten, 250 words

Historical Short Story 11 May 2020
Catherine Hokin
1 June 2020

2000 words