Competition Procedures for 2020-2021 

 All competition entry fees will be waived for this coming year and submissions will be electronic.

Only members are eligible for entry to competitions. 

If you have attended a few meetings before the first competition and wish to enter it, you may become a member in order to enter – the sum of the £5 entry fees you have paid for attending meetings will be reduced from your membership fee which must be paid before your submission is accepted. 

We have reduced the number of competitions in the coming year, reflecting the recent trend of relatively low entries. 

If you would like to enter our competitions, the process is as follows: 

  1. Create a Word doc or pdf of your document (please do not put your real name anywhere on this document, only a pseudonym) with the title in the header of every page (accessed by double-clicking the top of a document in Word)
  2. If you cannot create a Word document or a pdf, please paste your text into the body of an email and the Competition Secretary will create a Word document for you
  3. Send this email to Lindz McLeod at; the subject of the email should follow the format as follows: Subject: Edinburgh Writers Club Submission – ‘Name of Competition’ by Author Name 
  4. Please also attach a Word doc or pdf which has your real name, your pseudonym, and the title of your document.
  5. These should arrive by 5 pm on the date of the competition entry. 
  6. Winners and feedback will be given on the meeting date specified in the programme. 



The following information should be kept to hand and referred to before submitting entries to competitions. It is important that the rules are complied with (they aren’t as daunting as they might look at first glance! … but do contact  the competition secretary for clarification if necessary).


1.  Entries will be accepted from fully paid-up members only. 

2.  Each competitor is limited to ONE or TWO entries per competition unless otherwise stated. Check individual competitions for details. 

3.  Entries must be received by the Competition Secretary (Lindsay McLeod), either at a Club meeting or by post no later than the date stated on the Syllabus, otherwise the entry will be disqualified. 

4.  The number of words must not exceed the maximum stated on the Syllabus otherwise the entry will be disqualified. 

5.  There is an entry fee of £5.00 per item (unless you are entering one of the £1 flash fiction competitions which run frequently through the year). This should be paid in cash or by cheque (payable to Edinburgh Writers’ Club); postage stamps are not acceptable. Please do not put entry fee inside the sealed envelope (see Rule 6). 

6.  All entries must be under a ONE WORD pseudonym. A slip bearing the competitor’s real name and address should be placed inside a sealed envelope and this must be paper-clipped to the manuscript. The outside of the envelope should show only the competition type (eg Short Story), your pseudonym and title of entry. Where two entries are put forward, each must have a different pseudonym. If your real name/address appear anywhere on the manuscript or on the envelope your entry will be disqualified. 

7. Entries must be set out as for presentation to an editor: ie typed, double line spacing on one side of A4 paper. A cover sheet showing competition type, title, pseudonym and the approximate number of words should be included. 

8. Before handing in or posting your manuscript please check:

  •  that all pages are properly fixed together, eg with a paperclip
  •  that the cover sheet clearly shows which competition you are entering
  •  that the sealed envelope (see Rule 6) is attached
  •  that you have included the fee (Rule 5)

And finally…

9. Please include an SAE for return of your manuscript, whether or not you intend to be present on the adjudication night.